Objects of Meaning & Importance, UCLH – 27 February-26 March 2020

An exhibition at The Street Gallery exploring the relationship between objects and those who have been diagnosed with cancer. All participants have in some way engaged in the PhD research project Relations with Objects, a CHEurope, Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Horizon 2020, funded project.

The exhibition explores and draws together material objects, museum objects, photography, poetry, drawing and creative medias to express the perspectives and experiences of those who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

The participants were asked to think of an object(s) of significant importance to them and to focus on the meaning of the artwork rather than the aesthetics. The created artworks narrate different aspects of identity, memory, creativity and well-being. The chosen images are diverse in their nature with each exhibitor interpreting the open brief in their own unique way.

For further information please contact Katie O'Donoghue.