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New research by the Lloyds Bank Foundation identifies the impact that small and local charities have on their communities, especially in tackling social issues like homelessness, domestic abuse or mental ill health.

A new report from NESTA argues that UK policy needs to shift dramatically away from the existing model of support for biomedical research which is dominated by big pharmaceutical industry towards research into social and non-traditional

The New Zealand Arts Council has proposed establishing a national arts on prescription scheme for people with poor mental health.

‘Destined to sink or swim together’ is a new report from the Richmond Group of major health charities calling for better integration between the health and social care sectors, more investment in public health and an increased role for

A draft cultural strategy produced by the Scottish Government places a strong emphasis on health as a key outcome for investment in culture.

Revised guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence suggests that tailored activities are the best way to offer support for people with a dementia diagnosis.

A Government consultation on what works to tackle the health implications of loneliness is due to conclude on 20 July 2018.

The Wellcome Trust has announced a new fund to invest in areas of research in health which do not conform to traditional research protocols.

A government reshuffle has seen Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt replaced by Culture Secretary Matt Hancock. The new Culture Secretary is Jeremy Wright the former Attorney General.

A new evidence review has listed dance as one of five key activities everyone should participate in for muscle and bone strengthening and balance.

A new webinar summarising the impact of dance on health across the life course has been produced by Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Network.

The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance has produced a film summarising the key arguments for integrating the arts into criminal justice services.

The Durham Commission on Creativity and Education designed to explore how to support young people (from the ages of 0-25) engaging in creativity has launched a survey designed to find out how creativity is applied and valued by arts pro

A new £1m fund to support work on citizenship and integration in London has been launched.

The LAHF Director, Damian Hebron will be leaving in the early autumn to take up a new role, joining NESTA’s Health Lab. Judith Mellor, LAHF’s Chair said: “Many congratulations to Damian, all of us at LAHF will miss him hugely.