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The Campaign to End Loneliness has launched a new movement ‘Be More Us’ which aims to celebrate small moments of connection and inspire people of all ages to share things which connect them to others.

In advance of this autumn’s Government Green Paper on social care, the Nuffield Trust has produced a report reflecting on how Britain’s social care provision could learn from the approach taken in Japan including people exerting more co

The number of schools referring children to mental health services has increased by over a third in the past three years. Over half of the referrals came from primary schools.

A small scale study from the University of Utah has identified a level of neurological stimulation which is created when people with a dementia listen to music they like.

The Government has published an interim report from the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act which calls for changes to mental health provision to improve the way people’s dignity is respected when they come into contact with men

The Cultural Learning Alliance and charity Place2Be have published a briefing paper highlighting the ways in which young people’s engagement with arts and culture impact positively on their health and wellbeing.

The Museum Association has published a range of resources exploring the ways in which museums are exploring health and wellbeing.

The King’s Fund has analysed people’s responses to health funding and found 86% of people think that the NHS is facing a funding crisis. Over 60% of people would be willing to pay more tax to support the NHS.

Public Health England has updated its resources for professionals looking to address the social factors which influence health outcomes.

The Baring Foundation and Arts Council England have published an evaluation of their jointly funded programme to introduce arts activities in clusters of care homes.

A new report by the RSA and the New Economics Foundation calls for a more localised, community-driven approach to health, drawing on a wider range of partners to turn the NHS into a “social movement”.

The King’s Fund has launched a new monthly podcast investigating big ideas in health and social care.

The first episode looks at health funding and asks about public satisfaction with the NHS.

AGE UK has drawn on earlier research into wellbeing in later life to produce a report into the impact of culture and creativity on health and wellbeing as we age.

A new enquiry is investigating the potential future for culture in cities across the UK.

The Mayor of London has published a draft culture strategy which has health and wellbeing as one of its core priority areas. The strategy is up for consultation until 19 June 2018.