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The Local Government Association has produced a searchable map to show the different priorities of local Health and Wellbeing Boards.

The largest ever international survey of wellbeing has found that people from Latin America report the greatest wellbeing whilst those from sub-Saharan Africa are the least likely to be thriving.

A new paper by the Race Equality Foundation has made a number of recommendations for improving healthcare commissioning aimed at tackling ethnic inequalities.

The Alzheimer’s Society has calculated the total cost of dementia to the UK at £26 billion a year with people with dementia, their carers and families shouldering two-thirds of the cost themselves.

A new survey of patients with long-term conditions shows that a third are not satisfied with their care and that better integration of mental and physical health provision would improve care delivery.

Recommendations on the contribution of arts and culture are included in a new report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics.

King’s College London has launched a public tracking study which will act as a barometer for attitudes to culture in the UK, initial findings indicate 59% of people attend a cultural event at least once per year.

New research indicates that office workers are more productive in environments which are enriched by plants and decoration.

A consortium of charities has created a new fund to make research more accessible.

Residents of London have higher anxiety and lower life satisfaction and happiness than those living in the rest of the UK according to the latest national wellbeing measures.

New research by the Children’s Society draws a clear link between activities such as reading,  music and sport and wellbeing in children.

New research indicates that 96% of local authority arts services contribute to health and wellbeing outcomes.