Manifesto guidance from the Health Foundation and King's Fund

Both the Health Foundation and the King's Fund have published guides to promised health spending in the different parties’ manifestos. The foundation points out that “all parties remain committed to a tax-funded system” but that “teasing out what their funding pledges mean and how they compare is far from straight-forward”.

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Clinical Commissioning Group puts arts at the centre of care

NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group, responsible for planning NHS services for more than 125,000 people, has commited the organisation to commissioning cultural activity, using a "more than medicine" approach to support wellbeing. The CCG hopes to provide a mixed method model that others could follow.

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Arts and culture organisations push parties ahead of General Election

A number of arts and culture organisations – including the Museums Association, One Dance UK, the Creative Industries Federation, and the Cultural Learning Alliance – have issued manifestos ahead of the general election. The Creative Industries Federation is also hosting a series of events at which leading figures from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party will speak about their party’s approach to the arts and creative industries and take part in a Q&A session.

How important are the arts to healthy ageing? – 15 June 2017

If you work with older people or are interested in how the arts can maintain good health in later life, come along to our partnership event with RADA on Thursday 15 June at which we’ll be hosting an informative panel discussion on arts and ageing. This is an opportunity for you to bring your knowledge up to speed about recent successful projects using the arts to improve health and wellbeing in later life.

Wellcome Trust sets out priorities for government

Welsh arts and health mapping exercise to inform future practice

Arts Council Wales is conducting a survey of existing arts and health activity to inform its approach to health and wellbeing in the future. The survey will detail the nature, scope and logistics of recent, current and future arts and health project. ACW is also inviting responses from those with a professional interest in arts and health, but who do not have a specific project to report on.

New report highlights injustice in relation to disability in Britain

"Being disabled in Britain: A journey less equal" highlights the many disadvantages and inequalities still faced by disabled people, including those with mental health problems. The report is designed to help UK and devolved governments improve law and policy to ensure services meet the needs of disabled people, and to support disability groups by strengthening their case for change.

London Assembly seeks resolution of conflict between regeneration and culture

The Assembly's Regeneration Committee’s report, “Creative tensions: Optimising the benefits of culture through regeneration”, responds to the impact of gentrification on the arts and culture, making a number of recommendations to the London Mayor, from collecting better data on artists' workspaces to protection measures for grassroots venues. The committee chair,  Navin Shah, says in his introduction to the report that "Regeneration should be much more than economic development and physical improvements to infrastructure and the public realm".

Gallery design should respond to sensory disorders

The "Autism Matters" report, based on work with almost 50 families, suggests that softer lighting and chill-out spaces would make galleries more accessible to people with austism spectrum disorder (ASD) and sensory processing disorder (SPD). Its author, Beth Davis-Hofbauer, says these changes would "tackle a form of unseen segregation".

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England’s most deprived areas set to benefit from “Great Place” funding

£10m each from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England will drive the pilot cultural regeneration scheme across England. The scheme will be rolled out to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland later in 2017.

HLF Chief Executive Ros Kerslake says that “the aim is to bring together National Lottery investment and local ambition, to make a difference to people across entire communities”.

The scheme has two main objectives:


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