Creativity and Wellbeing Week

Creativity and Wellbeing Week this year/next year

The dust is settling on Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2015 and plans are already developing for next year. This year more than 25,000 people attended events as part of this festival of arts and health and the overwhelming feedback we have received so far has been really positive. Our thanks go out to all of the people who staged events and hosted get togethers. It was great to see so many people enjoying and engaging with the ways in which the arts can influence our health.

Creativity and Wellbeing starts next week!

Hundreds of events are now listed as part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Plus. We have begun sharing a lot of information about events and activities via Twitter #CreativityandWellbeing and Facebook (LAHFArtsHealth), so if you don’t already then come and find us there.

Creativity and Wellbeing – next month

The full programme of events for Creativity and Wellbeing Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Plus is now available online ( Flyers, postcards and programmes are also being sent out all over the country but if you haven’t seen one you can download a full programme of events. We are really pleased with the range and calibre of events in the festival making it the biggest and strongest line up of arts, health and wellbeing events, yet.

Creativity and Wellbeing gears up

Thank you to everyone who submitted events for inclusion in Creativity and Wellbeing Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Plus. There are some 200 events this year representing the full range of arts in health activity and a real shop window to the ways that the arts can influence health and wellbeing. The Week runs from 4 – 13 June and all the details of all events are now available here w:

Deadline for Creativity and Wellbeing today!

The deadline for inclusion in Creativity and Wellbeing Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Plus is today. All events registered on the website will be included in all publicity and promotion for the festival. For full details visit w:

Creativity and Wellbeing – deadline 31 March

This week’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Plus will run from 4th to 12th June and the deadline for events to be included is only three weeks away! This year looks likely to be the biggest yet with events all over the country and even internationally celebrating the impact of the arts on health and wellbeing. LAHF has announced the opening event of the Week, a creative and interactive one day conference exploring the role of the arts in health improvement run by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Creativity and Wellbeing Plus

A quick reminder to organisations from across the UK (and the world!) that events are being welcomed for inclusion in Creativity and Wellbeing Plus next June. The festival celebrating the connection between arts and health is taking place from 8 June to 15 June and it is possible to submit events for the festival from now. Simply visit to upload details. We will be promoting the festival to the media from January so do start to enter details of events soon!

Creativity and Wellbeing Week deadline

Next year’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week will run from 8-15 June 2015. As in previous years, LAHF is planning to produce a brochure including all the events in the week. We are also planning a separate press and media campaign to promote events in the week and in Creativity and Wellbeing Plus – for events across the country and internationally. We want to make sure that 2015’s week is the biggest yet and want to make sure as many organisations as possible get to take part.

Creativity and Wellbeing listen again

The audio recording of the closing event of LAHF’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week is now available to listen to for anyone who was unable to attend. The event featured novelist Lionel Shriver in discussion with ethicist Deborah Bowman and features a wide ranging conversation addressing the ways in which literature can address mortality, the differences in attitudes to health and to death in the US and the UK and the ways in which art can challenge orthodoxies of thinking around health and wellbeing.

Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2015!

Barely has the dust settled on this year’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week than thoughts turn to next year. Next year’s week will run from June 8th, 2015 and is set to be the biggest yet. We are already planning events and hope that you will too. We would also like to play a more active role in partnering on events next year so if you have ideas for interesting and exciting events you would like to see happen or if you would like our help or input, do get in touch.


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