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60% of older people see arts as key to health

An independent poll of older people found 75% found that culture was important to their happiness and 60% saw it as important in making them feel healthy. However nearly 40% found it more difficult to take part in the arts now than when they were younger.

Arts Council research into disabled people working in the arts

Arts Council England has launched a survey to try to better understand the experiences of disabled people working in arts and culture.

The survey is open to disabled and non-disabled people who are employees, employers, aspire to work in the sector, or are currently out of work.

Complete the survey >

New ACE funding for diversity

Arts Council England has established four new funding streams designed to increase the diversity of the country’s arts workforce.

Among the schemes is one designed to support small to medium organisations looking to create new opportunities for arts practitioners.

Grants for the arts applications changing

From 27 January, all new applications for Arts Council England’s Grants for the arts programme will be processed through a new online portal.

The change is part of ACE’s cost-cutting measures and the organisation hopes the change will result in £1m in savings each year.

Museums facing challenges

New research by Arts Council England has revealed the financial challenges facing the museums sector and recommended that museums “must be on the front foot and take responsibility for seeking to link the museum to the broader council agenda” including health and wellbeing.

Arts Council promoting #culturematters

Arts Council England has produced a short film to make the case for arts and culture in England.

The 60 second film is designed to be shared and promoted via social media and sent to policy-makers and politicians.

New report into economic impact of the arts

A new report by the Creative Industries Federation and Arts Council England highlights the impact that public funding for the arts has on the wider commercial creative industries and on society as a whole.

Government cuts

Following the election, Chancellor George Osborne has announced a £30m cut for the DCMS this year.

The cut means that Arts Council England has to make savings of 0.3% this year. This is expected to come from savings from strategic funds and not from cuts to funded organisations or to staff. Further Departmental cuts are expected to be announced as part of the Emergency budget on 8 July 2015.

Arts Council new funding

Arts Council England has announced a new set of funding schemes to support major events outside London and also large capital projects. ACE also announced the organisations which will be funded over the next two years to research the health and social impacts of the arts.

Analysis of party manifestos

Arts Council England has published an analysis of the different political party manifestos. The review looks at each party’s commitments and promises to the arts sector.



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