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Creative People and Places scheme opens to new projects

Arts Council England is investing £24million over the next four years in its Creative People and Places scheme, to support work in those areas of the country falling into the bottom third in terms of engagement with creative and cultural practice. Please share information about this opportunity amongst your networks. ACE is looking for community groups, cultural organisations or other organisations, such as clubs or local businesses. 

Arts charities struggle with short-term, fixed-level funding

A new review by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation suggests that short-term funding is impacting arts charities' ability to plan. It also points to the fact that statutory grants tend to stay at the same level, and do not keep up with demand for services or inflation. The review suggests that government budget reductions have worsened inequaiity in terms of cultural access across the UK.

The review is based on assessments of 450 grants awarded throgh six different PHF funds. 

Facing the Future

To kick-start the autumn, LAHF has commissioned a series of blogs about the future of arts and health which we will be publishing daily over the next 2 weeks. The blogs, from leading practitioners working across the spectrum of creativity and wellbeing ask where this work is heading and what challenges and opportunities might open up in the year ahead. The blog series will begin on Monday 10th September and a new blog will be published each weekday until 21st September.

Significant new data on cultural engagement released

The Audience Agency is making available seven years' worth of data on audiences at cultural institutions and events in the UK. The data is drawn from over 600 organisations - including performing arts venues, museums and festivals - who participate in the Audience Agency's online audience-development tool, Audience Finder. The Agency says that the data describes the behaviours of more than 10 million UK households.

Arts Council Corporate Plan

The Arts Council’s new corporate plan includes a number of changes to increase support for socially engaged arts practice and a specific change to the Creative People and Places programme to incorporate arts and health activity. This is accompanied by £17m new investment in the programme.

DCMS inquiry into social impact of culture

The House of Commons Culture Select Committee has heard its first evidence on the impact of culture and sport on people’s lives. Witnesses including Darren Henley, CEO of Arts Council England addressed the committee on the health, social and wellbeing impacts of cultural participation.

The sessions is available to be viewed here:

New Deal on Research into Arts, Health and Wellbeing

The University of Kent and Arts Council England have signed a shared Memorandum of Understanding agreeing areas of joint working. It has three main aspects including a focus on creativity, health and wellbeing and research into the impact of culture on the health of people in Kent.

Arts Council Enquiry into Culture in Cities

A new enquiry is investigating the potential future for culture in cities across the UK. The enquiry will investigate different ways that policy makers, funders, and practitioners can create an environment in which culture has the resources to flourish.

It will produce a report this autumn. The enquiry will look at several different possibilities, including:

Socially engaged culture

Arts Council England has awarded Battersea Arts Centre £360,000 to run a national network of interdisciplinary cultural organisations to co-create and disseminate knowledge on how to distribute world-class, socially-engaged, artistic projects.

The work will be focused away from London and led by producers who are committed to using arts and culture to drive social change. Battersea Arts Centre will develop practical, tested solutions, to enable a step-change in the wider arts sector and ensure excellent art is relevant to communities across the country.

People Place Power – 14 & 15 June 2018

A conference exploring the impact of the Arts Council’s Creative People and Places programme will take place in Wolverhampton.

The two day conference aims to unpick the themes of power, collaboration, ownership, relevance and place through a series of rich conversations, with an emphasis on learning and practice.


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