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Arts Council announces investment plans

Arts Council England has unveiled its approach to its next investment round. Following the announcement of a 5% cut to its grant-in-aid, the organisation has announced plans to run a three year, application based, process from 2015 to 2018. Organisations will apply for funding for a three year period with funding levels for 2016/17 and 2017/18 subject to confirmation.

Arts Council annual review

Arts Council England has published its annual review for 2012/13 presenting its annual accounts and detailing its activity over the year. In the year, ACE received £469m from government funds and a further £270m in Lottery income and supported over 2,500 projects through Grants for the Arts. The year also saw ACE undergo a major re-structuring aimed at bringing its support costs down to 4.5% of its income by 2014/15.

Arts Council unveils new structure

Arts Council England has announced a new streamlined structure including a cut in total staff and a change to its regional offices. The changes come as a result of the requirement - made as part of Arts Council England's previous 2010 settlement for 2011-15 - that the organisation reduce its administrative costs by 50 per cent as applied to its Grant in Aid for the arts by March 2015. As part of these changes five areas have replaced the nine Arts Council regions. The Arts Council has also confirmed that it will face a further cut of 5% in 2015/16.

DCMS agrees settlement with the Treasury prior to announcement of the spending review

The Department for Culture Media and Sport is reported to have agreed a settlement with the Treasury which involves an overall reduction to the DCMS of 8%, the details of which will be announced as part of the government’s spending review on 26 June. Reports suggest that cuts to Arts Council England will amount to 5%. Cuts of 5% will be likely to lead to significant reduction in the number of arts organisations in receipt of regular Arts Council funding.

Arts Council England Strategic touring programme

The £45million Strategic touring programme was launched in 2011 and is designed to encourage collaboration between organisations, so that more people across England experience and are inspired by the arts, particularly in places which rely on touring for much of their arts provision.

For the Strategic touring programme Arts Council England is interested in encouraging more activity in the local authority areas with relatively low levels of attendance and participation.

Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival evaluation reveals public engagement of over 43 million

Arts Council England and LOCOG have published new analysis on the breadth and impact of the four-year UK-wide London 2012 Cultural Olympiad programme.

The new findings suggest that the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival was the largest cultural programme of any Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The programme claims 43.4 million public experiences of arts and culture - 38.5 million of which took place at free events. It comprised 177,715 activities which cut across a range of artforms and provided a platform for 40,464 artists and led to 5,370 commissions of new work.

Cultural commissioning grant

A new consortium of organisations led by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has been selected to deliver Arts Council England’s £895,000 cultural commissioning programme.

The consortium includes New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and Mission Models Money (MMM). The programme will also be supported by an advisory group with representatives from the public sector, grant funders, social impact arts organisations, National portfolio organisations, museums, libraries and academia.

Arts Council England announces changes to national and regional councils

The Arts Council has unveiled a number of changes to its national and regional councils following an independent review of its non-executive governance undertaken by David Norgrove.

The key changes are:
• National Council will be reduced from 17 members to 14 in order to streamline decision-making
• in line with the changes to the Arts Council’s structure, which will come into operation in July 2013, five area councils will replace the current nine regional councils

Further cuts to Arts Council England in the latest budget and more to come

The latest budget announced by Chancellor George Osborne has resulted in a further reduction to the grant in aid received by Arts Council England. An additional 1.09% will be cut in 2013/14 followed by 1.06% in the following year. It is yet to be confirmed exactly how these cuts will be passed on to arts organisations. Further cuts are also expected after the next Spending Review which will be announced on 26 June and will cover 2015/16. The Government has stated its intention to make a further £11.5bn cuts to public spending in the Review.

Sir Peter Bazalgette's inaugural lecture as Chair, Arts Council England

Sir Peter Bazalgette delivered his inaugural lecture at London's RSA on Wednesday 20 March. The lecture launched a partnership between the RSA and Arts Council England to deliver a new series of State of the Arts seminars aimed at exploring ideas for a new political economy for arts and culture in England.

State of the Arts has evolved from the Arts Council's single annual conference to become a series of activities designed to provide platforms to develop new ideas and respond to the political environment as it develops.


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