Review of Care Act

The National Audit Office has reported on the first phase of the implementation of the Care Act which was designed to increase flexibility for older people needing social care. The report highlights the strain local authorities are under in delivering adult social care.

While most local authorities have delivered the changes required by the Act, many are struggling with significant cuts in funding and are also uncertain about the level of demand they can expect from vulnerable adults in the years ahead.

Patient satisfaction maintained

The Care Quality Commission has published its annual survey of almost 59,000 inpatients which indicates the majority of respondents are positive about their hospital stay, with 84% rating their experience seven or above out of 10.

A choir in every care home

Live Music Now has announced a new initiative to explore the potential to create a choir in every care home.

Working with Sound Sense (the UK professional association for community music) and the Sidney De Haan Research Centre, the organisation will review current singing activity in care settings and attempt to “share knowledge, understand what works, undertake research and consultation, and actively create the conditions to make every care home a singing home!”


Analysis of party manifestos

Arts Council England has published an analysis of the different political party manifestos. The review looks at each party’s commitments and promises to the arts sector.


Significant Government review of arts impacts on health

The DCMS has produced two major reviews of the evidence for arts impacting on health and wellbeing. The independent reviews report a “compelling” evidence base for the role of the arts which “justify policy interventions with public funding”.

Art Works final reports

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiative Art Works which, over the past four years, has explored the issues facing artists working in participatory settings has published a set of final reports.

The reports call for improved training opportunities for artists seeking to work in this area and shared efforts to increase quality in participatory arts.


Kings Fund report on NHS

Think tank the King’s Fund has published a report assessing NHS performance over the past five years. While noting patient experience has broadly been positive, the report predicts a substantial deficit for the NHS this year and highlights poor staff morale.

Arts activities recommended for hospice staff

A new report by Hospice UK has called for greater access to the arts to help hospice staff cope with the stress of their jobs.

The report examining stress management and staff engagement in hospices notes that the nature of hospice care is changing and managers need to provide better quality environments and more opportunities for staff to use arts activities to help them cope with stress levels.

Care providers complain of underfunding

United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA), the professional organisation for domiciliary care providers has published figures showing British councils are not meeting minimum payments for homecare visits.

Just 28 councils (of the 203 authorities where an average price could be established) paid their independent and voluntary sector homecare providers fees at or above UKHCA's minimum price for homecare of £15.74 per hour.

The average price for an hour for homecare for older people in a sample week was:

* United Kingdom: £13.66 per hour

Sing to Live, Live to Sing

Kensington and Chelsea Arts Service is mapping singing provision in the borough in an attempt to identify potential partners for a new arts and health programme.


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