Report on mental health funding

The King’s Fund has produced an analysis of the state of mental health funding which shows the pressure the system is under. Focusing on adult services, the research found that 40% of mental health trusts have experienced cuts in funding in the past two years.

Dementia arts guide

The Alzheimer’s Society has published new guidance to help arts venues to make their facilities and services more accommodating for people affected by dementia.

Million strong increase in people with multiple health conditions

New analysis from Age UK suggests that the number of people living with two or more long-term conditions will increase by 1 million over the next five years.

Dementia disparities

A new systematic literature review has found that certain population groups are markedly more at risk of dementia. Dementia is more common in women and people from African-American, black-Caribbean or Hispanic background than the rest of the population. Learning disability and lower socio-economic position both also increased the risk of developing dementia.

Investigation of social care provision

A joint project between the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund is exploring the current pressures facing care services and the impact of these on the health and wellbeing of the people who use them.

As part of this process, they are seeking innovative approaches to the challenges facing local authorities.

Among the challenges being explored are the following questions:

New guidance for involving service users in developing recovery programmes

Public Health England has published new guidance for commissioners looking to develop activities to support people recovering from addiction and alcohol abuse.

The guidance demonstrates the value that service users place on less formal therapeutic services including creative activities.

Britain’s older people more isolated

The Global AgeWatch Index, an annual analysis of life for older people around the world, has identified social isolation as the key barrier to wellbeing for older people in the UK.

DCMS reviewing its data collection

The Department for Culture is running a consultation on the future of its quarterly Taking Part survey which analyses the level of cultural engagement in the country.

The survey, which has been running for the past decade, is a longitudinal study used to assess the number of people engaging with arts and museums as participants and audiences. The consultation is exploring a change in the way the data is collected and analysed.

Academics and cultural practitioners challenged to work more reciprocally

'One-way' relationships between universities and arts organisations may mean the institutions are falling short of their potential impact within their communities, according to a new report.

Children’s hospital experience

A national survey of almost 19,000 children and young people who stayed in hospital overnight or were seen as a day patient show most children were happy with their care. However, 40% of children complained that there were no activities or opportunities to play in hospital.

Furthermore, children with physical or learning disabilities, or mental health needs reported poorer experiences of care than those without.


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