Dementia Friendly Rural Communities Guide

The Alzheimer’s Society has published a guide for rural communities to support them in becoming more dementia friendly. It includes extensive resources focused on using museums, arts and culture to support people with dementia.

The guide is designed to help groups with ideas for activities, potential contacts and support networks. Its aim is “[through] developing an understanding of dementia, rural communities can make a huge difference to people living with dementia.”

Social Care Learning from Japan

In advance of this autumn’s Government Green Paper on social care, the Nuffield Trust has produced a report reflecting on how Britain’s social care provision could learn from the approach taken in Japan including people exerting more control over their own care plan.

The report focuses on funding and governance models for social care but offers interesting insights into how care homes and other settings can offer more individual control and agency to residents.

Mental Health Act Review

The Government has published an interim report from the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act which calls for changes to mental health provision to improve the way people’s dignity is respected when they come into contact with mental health services. Over 2,000 people have so far been part of the review process and it is likely to result in new mental health legislation and changes to mental health provision.

Youth Arts, Health and Wellbeing

The Cultural Learning Alliance and charity Place2Be have published a briefing paper highlighting the ways in which young people’s engagement with arts and culture impact positively on their health and wellbeing.

The paper draws on the All Party Parliamentary Group report Creative Health to highlight research and evidence which supports the case for culture as a means of improving children and adolescents’’ health and wellbeing.

Public Attitudes to the NHS

The King’s Fund has analysed people’s responses to health funding and found 86% of people think that the NHS is facing a funding crisis. Over 60% of people would be willing to pay more tax to support the NHS.

Support for tax rises is across the population however, many would expect more to be spent on the NHS at the expense of other areas of Government spending. More than half of people involved in the British Social Attitudes Survey expected the standard of care provided by the NHS to deteriorate over the next 5 years.

Evaluation of Arts in Care Homes

The Baring Foundation and Arts Council England have published an evaluation of their jointly funded programme to introduce arts activities in clusters of care homes. It highlights some of the difficulties generated by the scheme’s ambitious but resource- and time-limited programme and highlights a wide range of ways funders and arts organisations could change approaches to work in this area in the future.

AGE UK Report on Creativity and Ageing

AGE UK has drawn on earlier research into wellbeing in later life to produce a report into the impact of culture and creativity on health and wellbeing as we age. The charity has identified access to culture as the strongest determinant of wellbeing in later life.

The report includes a range of resources and research into culture and ageing.

Updated list of Directors of Public Health

Public Health England has published an updated list of all the Directors of Public Health in each local authority in England.

Second museums and health report

The National Alliance for Museums, Health and Wellbeing has published its second report into the development of the museums, health and wellbeing sector. It offers insight into different ways the heritage sector is responding creatively to a range of issues and provides a variety of recommendations.

Wales moves on Arts and Health

Arts Council of Wales is proposing to support an arts and health co-ordinator to every Health Board in Wales along with resourcing a Welsh Arts and Health Network. The commitments comes as it published the results of a mapping exercise of culture and health projects from across the country along with a series of proposals to develop the field of arts, health and wellbeing.


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