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Later life: The art and the science, London – 26 October 2015

A symposium on positive approaches to ageing.

Challenging the frequently negative media focus on the old-age ‘burden’, this symposium will focus on the contributions that older people themselves make to society and the relationship between positivity and health.

The meeting aims to give delegates a greater understanding of

Health and social care: The first 100 days of the new government

The King’s Fund have published an outline of the new government’s measures for health and social care after 100 days in office.

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The Barometer of My Heart, East London – 15 Sept–4 October 2015

Mark Storor and Anna Ledgard’s latest project The Barometer of My Heart. 

The Barometer of My Heart asks 'What is it to be a man today?', and offers an intimate reimagining of masculinity. Inspired by workshops and real conversations with men, carnivalesque, primitive and tender performances will bring male experiences kept in the shadows into the light.

Salford public art as health promotion

A collaboration between the police and a Salford housing association has led to a collaborative art project designed to highlight the dangers of laughing gas.

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Proposals for Health and Wellbeing Boards

The Local Government Association and NHS Clinical Commissioners have issued a call for local authorities to better support Health and Wellbeing Boards in taking a holistic approach to prevention and incorporating more creative approaches to tackling the wider determinants of ill health.

The report includes recommendations for Government and local authorities to do more to support Health and Wellbeing Boards in developing local health services that bring together the full range of services in a community in a holistic and person-centred approach.

Guidance for communities to become dementia friendly

New guidance has been issued for communities to achieve Dementia Friendly Community status. It sets out a framework communities can work to in order to achieve a kite-mark recognising their dementia-friendly status.

Healthy Neighbourhoods

NHS England and Public Health England have issued a joint call for local authority partners to develop new housing developments focused on health and wellbeing. The programme aims to “design-in” healthy lifestyles into urban planning and integrate new technology into homes to help older people live independently for longer.

The proposals are focused on halting the development of “obesogenic” environments and developing new models of healthcare provision to support people in their own homes. There are three key aims:

90% of GPs think people with dementia need more support

A new survey has revealed that three quarters of GPs think their patients with dementia rely on family as they don't get enough help from health and social care services.  90% think people need more help to cope with the lonelyness associated with dementia.

Almost as many (73%) believe their patients are forced to depend on friends, neighbours and other unpaid carers for support, while half of GPs think the NHS is doing too little to care for people with the condition. More than two-thirds believe patients don't get enough provision from adult social services after a diagnosis.

Health Secretary outlines priorities

The re-appointed Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, has set out his priorities for the next five years. He highlights a focus on public health (with a particular emphasis on childhood obesity), General Practice and the culture of targets rather than outcomes in the NHS.

He was speaking at an event at the King’s Fund and the speech can be viewed here:

Research links “purposeful activity” with improved dementia experience

New research has found that purpose in life is associated with a substantially reduced risk of Alzheimer disease and with a greater capacity to cope with the illness.


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