Libraries save NHS £27.5m per year

New research published by Arts Council England has found a link between libraries and wellbeing and between library use and good health. The research found that being a regular library user is associated with a 1.4% increase in the likelihood of reporting good general health – this was calculated as equating to a cost-saving of £27.5m each year for the NHS.

Kings Fund report on NHS

Think tank the King’s Fund has published a report assessing NHS performance over the past five years. While noting patient experience has broadly been positive, the report predicts a substantial deficit for the NHS this year and highlights poor staff morale.

Report highlights problems in GP morale

A new report by the London Assembly Health Committee report highlights the shortage of GPs in London and the issue of low GP morale.

Key findings of the report include:

More GPs are emigrating – applications for certificates allowing them to work abroad have risen over 12 per cent since 2008

18 per cent of patients can’t get an appointment in London, compared with 11 per cent nationally

Satisfaction with GP services in London is declining – of the bottom 30 boroughs in England for seeing a GP of choice, 22 are in London

Mental health framework

Public Health England has produced a framework to support non-mental health professionals to promote positive mental health. The framework aims to widen the responsibility for improving public mental health to teachers, early years workers, nurses, GPs, housing officers, psychiatrists and employers.

The aim of the framework is to build the capacity and capability of leaders, and developing a workforce that is confident, competent, and committed to:

promoting good mental health across the population

preventing mental illness and suicide

Integrated Personal Commissioning

NHS England and the Local Government Association have named the first eight areas where people with complex health needs will be able to take control of their own combined health and social care budget. As part of the programme, local voluntary organisations will help patients with personal care planning and advocacy.

Calls for community role in health

A new guide from Public Health England and NHS England calls for a shift to more person and community centred ways of working in public health and healthcare. It sets out a number of aspirations for local authorities and the NHS to develop community hubs and commission community organisations to tackle health inequalities.

Report on decline in availability of therapy

A new survey of professional psychotherapists working in the NHS shows that access to long-term psychotherapy is deteriorating and that service users are being required to pay for private therapy.

The report shows that in the NHS and third sector:

King’s Fund criticises health reforms

The Coalition Government’s reorganisation of the NHS has been distracting and damaging according to a report by health think-tank the King’s Fund.

NHS demands focus on patient experience

NHS England’s National Quality Board, a multi-stakeholder body designed to align provision across the various NHS organisations, has published a series of principles focused on patient experience. The shared statement includes a call for environments which make patients feel dignified, as well as improved communication, integrated care and access to emotional support.

London Patient voices sought

The Centre for Public Scrutiny is looking for three patient representatives to join the London Patients Voice, a citizen scrutiny panel.


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