New Health and Social Care Sustainability Research Centre

The Health Foundation is to establish a new Health and Social Care Sustainability Research Centre to develop long-term thinking about health services in the UK. 

The Centre will provide independent projections, research and analysis with a network of academic partners and expects to provide around £10 million of funding over the next five years through an open and transparent commissioning process in 2019.

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Facing the Future

To kick-start the autumn, LAHF has commissioned a series of blogs about the future of arts and health which we will be publishing daily over the next 2 weeks. The blogs, from leading practitioners working across the spectrum of creativity and wellbeing ask where this work is heading and what challenges and opportunities might open up in the year ahead. The blog series will begin on Monday 10th September and a new blog will be published each weekday until 21st September.

ComRes survey suggests majority of GPs support arts in health

A ComRes survey of over 1,000 GPs, commissioned by Aesop in February this year suggests that over 60% of GPs agree that engagement with the arts can support both the prevention of ill health, and NHS staff. 44% also agree that arts interventions could be a cost-effective contribution to primary care.

The survey showed that:

#NHS70 #HealthHaiku

As part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week we ran an event with arts charity 64 Million Artists celebrating poetry and wellbeing by encouraging people to write haikus about health. We are going to repeat this on 5 July the 70th anniversary of the NHS and hope you will join in. All you need to do is tweet or share on Facebook a short poem (5 syllables/7syllables/5syllables) with thoughts about health and wellbeing and use the hashtag #HealthHaiku - we will share them and sprinkle some creativity over the NHS 70th anniversary celebrations.

Open Call for Increased NHS Funding

The Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation have published an open call to Government to increase NHS funding and a long term solution to social care funding.

The open letter also calls for reform to allow greater integration of health and social care and a more even distribution of resource around the country.


Public Attitudes to the NHS

The King’s Fund has analysed people’s responses to health funding and found 86% of people think that the NHS is facing a funding crisis. Over 60% of people would be willing to pay more tax to support the NHS.

Support for tax rises is across the population however, many would expect more to be spent on the NHS at the expense of other areas of Government spending. More than half of people involved in the British Social Attitudes Survey expected the standard of care provided by the NHS to deteriorate over the next 5 years.

Health as a Social Movement

A new report by the RSA and the New Economics Foundation calls for a more localised, community-driven approach to health, drawing on a wider range of partners to turn the NHS into a “social movement”.

It reflects on a range of approaches being taken by different health providers to empower communities and commit to preventative approaches to health and wellbeing. The report, ‘From Principles to Practice’ and accompanying animation outlines eight principles for health and care system reform. These are:

King’s Fund Health Podcast

The King’s Fund has launched a new monthly podcast investigating big ideas in health and social care.

The first episode looks at health funding and asks about public satisfaction with the NHS.


Updated list of Directors of Public Health

Public Health England has published an updated list of all the Directors of Public Health in each local authority in England.


Arts and art therapy for women in prisons

New guidance from Public Health England endorses the value of arts engagement as a tool for improved mental and physical health for women in prison.


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