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What makes working in the arts and mental health sustainable?

How can people and organisations survive and thrive in mental health and the arts? The Culture Health & Wellbeing Alliance, funded by the Baring Foundation, are running a six-month project to understand more about work with creativity and mental health. They are searching for participants who can answer yes to the following questions:

Social prescribing providers invited to take part in PhD research

Plymouth University postgraduate research student Charlotte Featherstone is seeking social prescribing providers to take part in online focus groups on provision of social prescribing for adults on the autism spectrum. This is a vital area of research as autistic adults experience significant health disparities and barriers accessing healthcare, leading to early mortality. The research will explore the potential for accessible social prescribing to mitigate these issues.

Consultation launched into creativity and culture in care sector

The Baring Foundation has commissioned the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) to lead a consultation asking ‘What would it require for all care homes in England to offer their residents access to relevant creative and cultural opportunities on a daily basis?’

Call for participants for UCL COVID-19 Social Study

Would you be interested in talking to University College London about how the pandemic has impacted your mental health, wellbeing and access to support? For their COVID-19 Social Study they are interviewing people who have a range of experiences, including young informal carers (aged 13-24) and people experiencing financial difficulty.

Participate in research examining relationship between creativity and wellbeing

The Creativity Study is an online research project examining the relationships between creativity, flow, emotions and wellbeing in the daily lives of creative people. The study is being carried out as part of a graduate research dissertation in the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London. The team are looking for participants who consider creativity to be an important part of their lives. If you’re a creative professional by day, pursuing your creative passions by night, or a creative hobbyist, you’re invited to take part in the study.

Have your say on social prescribing

We want to find out what cultural organisations need to know about social prescribing in London. Are you an organisation or freelancer working in arts, health and wellbeing wishing to access funding to get more involved in social prescribing activities? Or maybe you already deliver projects and want to share your views? Are you a medical professional wishing to get involved in a greater range of social prescribing activities? Or a link worker looking for cultural organisations in your area to be involved in the delivery of social prescribing projects?

UK Music reports increase in sector-wide diversity

UK Music has published its latest 2020 Workforce Diversity Survey as part of its UK Music Diversity Report 2020. The survey finds that representation of Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities among those aged 16-24 in the music industry is at a record high of 30.6%, up from 25.9% in 2018.

UK Music is an industry-led organisation which represents the collective interests of the recorded, published and live arms of the British music industry. It launched the Workforce Diversity Survey in 2016 to track progress to boost diversity and inclusion in the UK’s music industry.

Call to contribute to Community Covid research

The Community COVID project has been set up to understand how participants experiencing lockdown, self-isolation and shielding, engage with resources designed to inspire ideas, stimulate creativity and physical activity, combat loneliness and improve social connectivity.

National Arts Creative and Cultural Education Survey findings released

The Bridge England Network has published a summary of findings from the National School Survey it initiated in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The aim of the survey was to establish how Bridges and the cultural sector could offer ongoing support to schools and their pupils as they enter the new school year.

Key findings include:

Covid-19 survey on impact on artists working in health launched

Arts & Health Hub (A&H Hub) has launched a survey exclusively for artists working in arts and health to understand how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted them. The survey aims to gather evidence on the ways in which artists have been affected, including ways of working, financial losses or increased pressures.

The results of the survey will be used to inform A&H Hub’s partners and funders about what has affected artists, what artists need, and how they can be supported.

Take part in the survey.


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