New work by Steven Appleby for Royal Brompton Centre for Sleep

A number of large scale installations by cartoonist and artist Steven Appleby have been unveiled at the new Royal Brompton Centre for Sleep. The installations include a 3.5m-high glass screen in the building’s main reception, wall-drawings, a 30-piece corridor series, and new work for the bedrooms and clinic rooms. The images refer to the medicine, myths and mysteries of sleep, and reflect both the day and night time activities of the centre.

All these artworks can be viewed in Into Sleep, a book created to celebrate the completion of Steven's work in the centre. Into Sleep will be available to view online soon.

Royal Brompton Centre for Sleep is housed in an iconic 1892 fire station – the façade’s elaborate decorations contain a multitude of firemen’s tools – including pipes, hammers and bells. The innovative design of the centre allows for ‘night’ and ‘day’ sections providing for overnight sleep studies, research, consultation and outpatient services. The centre will serve people with conditions from sleep apnoea to narcolepsy, and also supports chronic health conditions which lead to troubled sleep.