New home for Bethlem Gallery and Museum of the Mind

The Bethlem Gallery and Museum is moving into a new tailor-made home incorporating a permanent exhibition space, a temporary exhibition space for the Bethlem museum’s collection and a contemporary art exhibition space for artists who have experienced mental difficulties.

The new space, which will be opened in the spring, will house centuries of significant historic artworks and objects together with inspiring contemporary works by current artists and service users. The new building will be open to the public and admission will be free. 

The Bethlem Museum has been on the Croydon site for 40 years in one small building and the Bethlem Gallery has been on site for 17 years as part of the Occupational Therapy department. Bethlem Museum of the Mind offers an unparalleled resource for the history of mental healthcare and treatment. It cares for the archives of Bethlem Royal Hospital, the Maudsley Hospital and Warlingham Park Hospital, as well as a collection of historic objects and art, including works by former Bethlem patients such as Jonathan Martin, Richard Dadd and Louis Wain. The Bethlem Gallery, established in 1997, provides a professional platform for artists who are current or former patients of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). The annual exhibitions and events programme incorporates collaborations with Bethlem Museum of the Mind, artists-in-residence, interdisciplinary research, and partnerships with arts organisations.