Music and Science at Wilton's Music Hall, London – 13-17 June 2017

A week of events will explore the relationship between music and science, centred aroud performances of ‘Song Of Contagion’ by the Grand Union Orchestra, a new piece created through a collaboration between composer/director Tony Haynes and epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani.

"Why do some diseases hit the headlines and attract billions in funding, while others languish almost unnoticed, even though they affect many more people? That’s the question dramatised by Song of Contagion. It investigates the mismatch between places where diseases are endemic and where more money is spent, through a musical narrative.

Song of Contagion features thirty of the Grand Union Orchestra’s finest musicians and singers from a plethora of major musical traditions world wide – acclaimed artists with international reputations in their own right, who bring an awe-inspiring authenticity to the performance.

Combining elements of jazz and world music, seamlessly fusing these genres in moving and exhilarating songs in Haynes’ carefully crafted compositions, Song Of Contagion is a chance to witness an inimitable contemporary orchestra in full force and will be a fantastic spectacle to behold."

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Song of Contagion is supported by the Wellcome Foundation through an Arts Award.