Mini-series aims to support young people’s mental health post-Covid-19

Youth Arts Charity Peer Productions has developed a new mini-series, 50 Days: Alone Together, to support teenagers’ mental health, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The series follows the lives of a small class of year 12 pupils as they check in, via video conferencing software, with their form tutor over the first 50 days of lockdown.

The series is available to view for free on YouTube and for teachers in school on free digital platform Prospero. It is supported by a website of resources for parents, carers and teachers and an Instagram account which breaks the series down into bite-size content for young people.

Nina Lemon, Artistic Director and founder of Peer Productions says:

“We came up with the idea of 50 Days: Alone Together as we knew from our young actors, that some young people were struggling with their mental health. The series will signpost people to where they can get further help if they have mental health worries or concerns. The project has also provided a creative work experience opportunity for our young actors who have missed out on the opportunity to be involved in the creation of our summer tour.”

Find out more and watch 50 Days: Alone Together.