Mindful walks – 16 October 2015 and 23 October 2015

A walking workshop to bring together mindfulness with gentle exercise to increase calm, self-awareness and confidence.

Walking meditation is a simple and universal practice for developing calm, connectedness, and awareness. Practiced regularly, such as after a busy day, it has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. It can help increase positive feelings of wellbeing and help aid sleep and combat stress. The art of walking meditation is to learn to be aware as you walk, to use the natural movement of walking to cultivate mindfulness and wakeful presence.

This walkshop will last between 60 - 90 minutes and will be limited to 12 participants.  Participants will need to wear comfortable footwear and be able to walk unaided gently for a mile. The event will culminate with an informal group sharing for those who would like to express their experiences.

A small notebook will be provided enabling participants to draw, write and collect memento of their observations, creating their own unique memory of the event.