London names three mental health priorities

The London Health Board has identified three key themes to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Londoners: adolescent resilience, mental health in the workplace and the roll out of a London-wide digital support service aimed at supporting Londoners with low- level mental health needs.

An estimated 1.1m Londoners have an undiagnosed and untreated common mental disorder. Additionally, £920m is lost annually to sickness absence as outlined in the Greater London Authority's 2014 London Mental Health Report. London’s commissioners in health and social care have agreed to target these themes through the delivery of several digital services aimed at Londoners’ wellbeing. Delivered across mobile and desktop applications, it will enable users to self-assess and manage their mental wellbeing by providing evidence based resources and, for those who need it, benefit from being guided to peer-to-peer support and/or contact with a mental health professional, who can direct them to local services, as required.

w: LHB website