King's to track public attitudes to culture

King’s College London has launched a public tracking study which will act as a barometer for attitudes to culture in the UK, initial findings indicate 59% of people attend a cultural event at least once per year.

Amongst people aged 16 to 29 years, 49% consider themselves an ‘arty person’ vs 51% a ‘sporty person’. The research aims to look at the links between cultural events and sporting events. Commenting on the tracking study, Deborah Bull, Director of Cultural Partnerships at King’s College London said:  “This is the first time attitudes to culture have been tracked on an ongoing basis. At a time when we have so many major events in the calendar – from the WWI commemorations to the Rugby World Cup – this national barometer promises to be an invaluable tool for event organisers and cultural practitioners. The success of the Cultural Olympiad was a high point in public engagement with culture – with universal recognition of the value it could bring to major events. However, now that the organisations that made it possible have dissolved, there’s a genuine risk we will lose this expertise.”