Healthy Neighbourhoods

NHS England and Public Health England have issued a joint call for local authority partners to develop new housing developments focused on health and wellbeing. The programme aims to “design-in” healthy lifestyles into urban planning and integrate new technology into homes to help older people live independently for longer.

The proposals are focused on halting the development of “obesogenic” environments and developing new models of healthcare provision to support people in their own homes. There are three key aims:

  • Build new communities that support social cohesion, physical and mental wellbeing, walking cycling and sports in place of our current ‘obesogenic’ built environments.
  • Leapfrog old ways of providing community health and social care services by designing-in the use of new digital technologies to help people live independently in their own homes.
  • Share land and buildings infrastructure such as new NHS clinics, schools, police and fire stations and other public services.