GSK Impact Award-winners announced

The winners of the 20th King's Fund/GSK Impact Awards have been announced. The ten charities across the UK provide a huge range of community services, from support for unpaid carers to help for people affected by adoption. The charities won from amongst 400 submissions, and will each receive £30,000, as well as free training and leadership development.

The winners of this year's anniversary awards were:

Basis Yorkshire – supporting female sex workers in Leeds and young people being sexually exploited or at risk 

Carers Leeds – providing services for unpaid carers who look after family, friends, or neighbours in Leeds

Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre – offering support to people in Coventry who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse 

First Steps – a charity for people with eating disorders in Derbyshire

Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust – an organisation running health development and promotion activities in South Lanarkshire 

PAC-UK – offering support to those affected by adoption

Sahir House – an HIV support, information and advice centre in Merseyside 

Sight Cymru – supporting people in Wales who have lost or are losing their sight to live independently 

Student Minds – helping university students to look after their own mental health and support friends experiencing mental health difficulties  

Tyneside Women's Health – a charity providing services to help women in Tyneside improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing

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