Friendly London

A new report by the Mayor of London highlights the key role that culture plays in supporting people and communities to live happier lives. ‘Friendly London’ looks at the factors that the World Health Organisation considers important in making cities healthy and happy places to live. 

It covers a range of subjects that will affect an individual both inside and outside the home. This includes how they travel and take part in culture and leisure; volunteering; employment; and Londoners' experiences of using health services. 

The Mayor is implementing a range of initiatives which aim to improve the experience of living and working in the capital, to make it more 'friendly', including funding to improve and bring new life to high streets and town centres.

'Friendly London', published by City Hall, sets out the work being done by the Mayor's team to maintain the momentum sparked by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It includes a commitment to “support and promote yearly celebrations that connect with London’s communities and create ways for self-organised groups to flourish – with new opportunities for art, sport and music.”