Expressions of interest sought for UCLH commissions – deadline 21 February 2020

University College London Hospitals is inviting expressions of interest from artists to create two site-specific artworks celebrating the charity and the patients of Haematology Cancer Care, UCLH Charity.

Phase 4 and the Proton Beam Therapy Unit will be a new clinical facility on Huntley Street/Grafton Way. The facility will enable UCLH to deliver on two of its core strategic objectives, to improve its surgical and cancer services. Proton Beam Therapy is a type of radiotherapy, which uses a precision high-energy beam of particles to destroy cancer cells. The new building will also enable UCLH to develop Europe’s largest dedicated haematology oncology services. The state-of-the-art facilities will provide a focus for haematological care and expertise nationally and internationally.

For over 25 years the Haematology Cancer Care Charity (HCC) has developed a unique community of cancer patients, families and staff who work together to impact positively on the clinical haematology services at UCLH. The new state of the art hospital building will contain Europe’s largest blood disorder and cancer centres and a specialist research, training and treatment centre. Many of the new cancer therapies developed here will benefit patients worldwide. Within this service there is a rich amount of human endeavour expressed on a daily basis, where patients facing daunting diagnosis and debilitating treatments are supported with medical advancements and compassion by a committed team of health professionals.

UCLH seek an art piece that reflects this science, challenge, human endeavour and hope in a visually interesting and inspiring way. The piece could for example, reflect a sense of calm, care and commitment in order to reassure and inspire patients. It is envisaged that the commission will be permanent and site-specific and would be placed within the main atrium area on the ground floor of the facility.

UCLH is also inviting expressions of interest from artists to create a site-specific artwork celebrating the 3rd floor patients’ garden.

The hospital has several green spaces within it, one of which is accessible to patients and their carers. The garden offers patients a sanctuary from the stresses of being within hospital and a place to relax within nature. It is formed of three beds and accompanying integrated seating. HCLH seek an art piece that will engage, spark conversation, provide a wow factor, appeal to both children and adults and offer a robustness to cope with the outside elements.

The selected artists will be expected to deliver their artworks by 14th September 2020.

For more information and to submit an expression of interest, please email