Upcoming events

Early-Stage Dementia Awareness Training – 30 July 2015

A full-day training workshop run by Arts 4 Dementia and Dementia Pathfinders for arts organisations and facilitators.

Miraculous Urgency: an exploration of catharsis and art – 4 July 2015

This July, ‘Miraculous Urgency' will open in Brighton; a collaboratively curated exhibition focusing on the link between art and catharsis.

Critical dietetics – 14 August 2015

An international conference seeking to advance health equality by bringing together creative and bio-medical perspectives to explore issues of food and nutrition is coming to Manchester this summer.

Working with people with advanced dementia – 15 August 2015

Spare Tyre’s Artistic Director, Arti Prashar will lead a skills development masterclass for professional participatory arts practitioners who are working with, or would like to work with, people with advanced dementia.

‘held’ – continuing to 21 August 2015

Bethlem Museum of the Mind has mounted a temporary exhibition, comprising photographs by artist Jane Fradgley, informed by the museum’s collection of restraining garments.

War and mental health - ongoing

South London and the Maudsley NHS Trust is hosting an exhibition exploring the role of the hospital in supporting the mental health of servicemen in World War One.

Music therapy and dementia – 4 September 2015

Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge is mounting a conference focusing on music and music therapy with a mix of practice, research and workshops about demonstrating impact.

Arts therapies and dementia in the 21st Century – 4 September 2015

The International Centre for Research in Arts Therapies is hosting a day-long conference exploring the role of the arts and arts therapies in the care of people with dementia. The conference is in Cambridge and coincides with Anglia Ruskin University’s conference on music therapy.

Research in Arts Therapies – 7 September 2015

A day-long conference looking at research in arts therapies is being organised by ICAPT, The University of Hertfordshire and South London and the Maudsley.  Key presenters currently include:

Early-Stage Dementia Awareness Training – 10 September 2015

Arts 4 Dementia and Dementia Pathfinders are hosting a day-long training workshop for creative practitioners looking to work with people experiencing the early stages of dementia.

The Art of Social Prescribing – 17 September 2015

The Cultural Commissioning Programme is hosting a one day conference to explore the latest academic and applied research with particular reference to the role that arts and cultural activities play in social prescribing.

Symposium on Singing and Song – 1 October 2015

The Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John’s in Canada has issued a call for papers and presentations for a Symposium on Singing and Song.

Attachment and the Arts – 2 October 2015

The British Association of Art Therapists annual conference will focus on 'Relating, representation and affect regulation'. Speakers include Professor Mary Target, Professor Uwe Herrmann, Julie Allen, Dr Sue Holttum, Ami Woods and Dr Val Huet.

Reconstructing Ourselves – 6 October 2015

This one day event is the culmination of an Arts and Research project in complex breast reconstruction. It will showcase the way in which artists have worked with clinical staff and women with breast cancer to creatively develop new methods of delivering care.