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Social Prescribing and inequalities: critical conversations and practical approaches – 27 May 2020

This conference at the University of Salford will explore innovative approaches that are being used and could be developed to help reduce health and social inequalities through social prescribing.

Young Onset Dementia Course, Dementia Pathfinders – 6 May 2020

This one-day course, ran by Sylvia Cowleard, aims to explore and identify the social care needs of younger people with dementia and their families. Attendees who already have an understanding of dementia and how it affects individuals can gain a greater understanding of the impact on a younger person diagnosed with dementia and their family, and learn to provide appropriate support.

Illuminating the Self, Newcastle – until 9 May 2020

Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie investigate the human perspective of living with epilepsy and the potential impact of technological interventions within the brain. Across two galleries (Vane Gallery 15 January-29 February and Hatton Gallery 17 January-9 May), both artists use a range of techniques from traditional printmaking to large-scale video and sculptural installations.