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Art4Minds x The Artist's Way – from 12 January 2021

Write that book. Perform in that play. Learn that instrument. Finish that piece of music. Learn to paint. Make those animations. Do that ‘thing’ you have been putting off for years.

Muse of Fire, Arts4Dementia – from 24 January 2020

A series of 24 weekly workshops at Southwark Playhouse for people with mild cognitive impairment or early symptoms of dementia - referred or self-referring through social prescribing in Southwark. Working with theatre professionals, participants will explore a range of performance techniques using, Shakespeare amongst them, as well as improvisation and devising, possibly leading to a concludin

Arts & Health Hub: January Peer Group – 20 January 2020

The Arts & Health Hub is a community of artists and cultural producers interested in or working in the field of arts and health. It runs free monthly peer groups to discuss and further individual's artistic practice.

Illuminating the Self, Newcastle – until 9 May 2020

Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie investigate the human perspective of living with epilepsy and the potential impact of technological interventions within the brain. Across two galleries (Vane Gallery 15 January-29 February and Hatton Gallery 17 January-9 May), both artists use a range of techniques from traditional printmaking to large-scale video and sculptural installations.

Introduction to arts in prison, National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance – 23 January 2020

This one-day introductory training course aims to provide an overview of the current criminal justice system and a practical insight into working inside prisons. During the day participants will be taken through the process of delivering sustainable arts and cultural activities in prisons, from idea formation through to evaluation.

Circle Dance in Dementia, Dementia Pathfinders – 30 January 2020

Circle Dancing developed during the 1970s from traditional folk dance from around the world. The wide range of music links to celebrations, life events, and enables the exploration of the social and cultural aspects of connecting lives. During the dance session comments and thoughts are often evoked and expressed.

Creative Festivals Partnerships Event with optional networking - 31 January 2020

Join us for a Networking and Information Event to discuss London plans for Creativity & Wellbeing Week, Get Creative and Age of Creativity

This is an opportunity to:

Social prescribing to arts as diagnostic practice for dementia, Tate Exchange – 8 January 2020

Arts 4 Dementia, in association with Alzheimer’s Society, NHS England and NHS Improvement, invite you to the launch of “D-IAGNOSIS!” by the art activist Jane Frere to spearhead a campaign to reduce the trauma of a diagnosis of dementia.

Working musically with people with dementia, Music for Wellbeing CIC – 27 February & 25 March 2020

Music for Wellbeing CIC is running two training days for people who work musically with people with dementia (or are interested in developing this aspect in their work). The two days will each cover different aspects of working musically with people with dementia.

A4D Inspirations from the Medicine Galleries at the Science Museum – 21 January-11 February 2020

Arts 4 Dementia are partnering with the Science Museum to run free arts workshops for people living with dementia and their companion. The workshops will take place every Tuesday from 21 January until 11 February at the newly opened Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries.

Early Stage Dementia Awareness training, Arts4Dementia – 24 January 2020

This full-day training session is designed to give arts facilitators greater understanding, increased skills and confidence in communicating and working creatively with people experiencing the early stages of dementia and their carers.  The training will help art facilitators and education staff work towards reaching new audiences, making their institutions more inclusive, and increasing their

MARCH Singing and Mental Health Sandpit, Suffolk – 8 January 2020

MARCH Singing and Mental Health Special Interest Group, in partnership with Snape Maltings and the Royal College of Music, are hosting a sandpit event for researchers, singing practitioners, commissioners and policy makers working in the field of singing as a community asset in relation to mental health.