Evening course: Perceptions of Self and Other, Shoreditch – 4 & 11 October 2018

This CPD-certified, creative course explores our perceptions of self and how these can be reframed to support healthy and positive personal and professional development.

£60 per person; Thursday, 4th and 11th October 6-8pm

"Our experiential creative workshops are open to all and will consider ways to open up important conversations about class, culture, gender and race. The workshops will include practical tasks and art exercises to explore key themes. For those working in the field, these can be adapted for use with all ages in group or individual sessions or the classroom setting. Themes will include: in what situations might we feel 'not good enough' or unconsciously cause others to feel this way and how we can let go of inherited ways of thinking and negative self-beliefs that can limit us.

Our Emotional Learning workshops are facilitated by Georgina Evans, art psychotherapist, using our unique, contemporary art based, Emotional Learning Cards."

Shoreditch Trust Healthy Living Centre, 170 Pitfield Street, London N1 6JP
Nearest Underground: Old Street

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