Culture: Urban Future

A new report by UNESCO examines the link between investment in culture and sustainability in the development of cities. It concludes that culture is “a strategic asset for creating cities that are more inclusive, creative and sustainable”.

“Global Report, Culture: Urban Future,” makes a series of recommendations for cultural provision to support quality of life in cities. The recommendations include the provision of improved public space, the development of culture-based solutions to improve urban resilience and increasing the role of culture in giving communities an active role in local governance.

“The world is projected to have 41 mega cities by 2030, each home to at least 10 million people. Massive and rapid urbanization can often exacerbate challenges for cities creating more slums and poor access to public spaces as well as having a negative impact on the environment. This process often leads to a rise in unemployment, social inequality, discrimination and violence,” an official UNESCO statement explains. According to the report’s findings, the best measure to prevent such negative effects, is to fully integrate cultural components into urban strategies from the start.