Cultural value scoping

Following the report of the AHRC Cultural Value Project earlier this year, King’s College London is undertaking a scoping project to explore how research into the impact of culture on society might best be supported in the future.

In conjunction with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, King’s College London and Arts Council England, the scoping project will involve an extensive consultation process about what different organisations and sectors feel they need in terms of access to existing research and evidence. This eight-month project will consult across the UK with practitioners in the cultural and creative sectors, researchers in higher education and beyond, policy-makers and funders. The aim is to gather views on what approaches would best meet the needs of these different but connected constituencies and what approach or organisational structure might best support those approaches.

The project is seeking answers to three questions:

• Do you think that we know more about the value of the arts and culture now compared to ten or twenty years ago? If yes, what have we learnt? If not, what are the main obstacles to advancing our knowledge?

• What evaluation approaches do you use? Why have you chosen these approaches? In an ideal world, how would you go about showing/evidencing the value of what you do? Can you give me any examples of evaluation projects you liked?

• What is missing most acutely in terms of the existing databases and research support? What resources do you think could be helpfully added/created?

To find out more or to submit answers to the questions, email