Civil Society Strategy

The Government has launched a consultation on civil society to assess what is working well, and what government can do to strengthen it further. The consultation will contribute to the development of a new strategy designed to maximise the impact of charities, government and business on building communities.

The consultation acknowledges that “Civil society has changed significantly in recent years, with growing numbers of profit making businesses set up primarily to do good, adding to the efforts of traditional not-for-profit charities, community groups and youth organisations. At the same time, businesses are increasingly looking to do more to make a positive contribution to society. The boundaries between sectors are blurring. New actors and social movements are emerging. The potential for cross sector partnerships, collaborations and collective problem solving has never been stronger….If you want to help create a stronger civil society, we want you to share your ideas on how government can work with and support civil society to:

  • support people - including young people - to play an active role in building a stronger society
  • unlock the full potential of the private and public sectors to support social good
  • help improve communities to make them better places to live and work in
  • build stronger public services”.