Circle Dance in Dementia, Dementia Pathfinders – 30 January 2020

Circle Dancing developed during the 1970s from traditional folk dance from around the world. The wide range of music links to celebrations, life events, and enables the exploration of the social and cultural aspects of connecting lives. During the dance session comments and thoughts are often evoked and expressed. With the release of feelings people with dementia may be helped to communicate and be expressive. This one-day course will introduce participants to the use of Circle Dance in Dementia and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver circle dance sessions in their own settings.

The course is suitable for practitioners who work with people with dementia in group settings, such as care staff, activity coordinators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, community dance practitioners, community musicians, exercise instructors, day centre workers and volunteers who are based in settings with people with dementia.

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