Research on comics and health

Researcher Sarah McNichol has published research into the impact of comics in supporting people with health conditions.

Research links creative jobs to wellbeing

A new report by charity NESTA has found people in creative occupations report higher levels of subjective wellbeing.

Heritage link to quality of life

New research indicates a strong link between heritage activities and individual and community wellbeing.

Conducted by Britain Thinks on behalf of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the research found that:

Arts and Aging

A systematic review of the impact of community based arts interventions on cognition in people with dementia has been published in the journal of Aging and Mental Health.

Study into music’s impacts

A new study draws together different strands of research into the impacts of music making on the development of children and young people.

Cultural participation helps maintain health literacy

New research from University College London demonstrates that internet use and social engagement, particularly in cultural activities (eg, attending the cinema, art galleries, museums and the theatre), may help older adults to maintain health literacy during ageing.

Transforming Education Through the Arts

New Australian research shows that learning an instrument by 12 years of age can advance children’s literacy skills by up to a year compared to those who do not learn music.

Artworks I like

A new study by Paintings in Hospitals and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art explores the artwork preferences of people on the autistic spectrum.

New Canadian studies

The latest issue of Hill Strategies' Arts Research Monitor includes three Canadian studies looking at different impacts of arts on health.

Narratives of Art Practice and Mental Wellbeing: Reparation and connection

Narratives of Art Practice and Mental Wellbeing by Olivia Sagan draws on extensive research carried out with mental health service users who are also practicing artists.


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