Winter Fires: Art and agency in old age, Baring Foundation

Winter Fires, written by François Matarasso, explores how the practice of art can change not the fact but the experience of old age. Art confers agency on its creator. It offers a capacity to act in the world by making something that did not exist before.

London Government Directory

The 2013 London Government Directory, produced by London Councils and sponsored by London Communications Agency, has been published.

Health policy under the coalition government, a mid-term assessment, the King’s Fund

Sarah Gregory, Anna Dixon, Chris Ham

Written halfway through the 2010–2014 parliament, this review considers how the NHS is performing under the coalition government, following on from The King’s Fund’s major review of NHS performance from 1997 to 2010.

General practice in London: supporting improvements in quality

Veena Raleigh, Yang Tian, Nick Goodwin, Anna Dixon, James Thompson, Christopher Millet, Michael Soljak

Climbing Mountains in our Minds

A new collection of poetry, prose and photographs about life in St. Senan’s Hospital, Enniscorthy, has been published by Wexford County Council.

Dementia challenge progress report published

A progress report has been published providing an update on the first 7 months of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge.

Wellbeing and Place

Edited by Sarah Atkinson, Durham University, UK, Sara Fuller, Durham University, UK and Joe Painter, Durham University, UK

A New Age

In October 2012, LAHF published a short paper looking at the changing state of health funding for arts activity with, by and for older people in England. Entitled A New Age, the article was commissioned by The Baring Foundation and written by Damian Hebron and Karen Taylor of LAHF.


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