Energising Culture

The first in a two-part guide on future energy strategies for cultural buildings, published by Julie’s Bicycle in partnership with The Theatres Trust and Arts Council England.

Measuring the economic benefits of arts and culture

This report, written by BOP consulting on behalf of Arts Council England, aims to provide arts and cultural organisations with clear guidance about undertaking or commissioning studies into the economic benefits of their work.

Enhancing the Healing Environment - Developing supportive design for people with dementia

The design of the built environment can significantly help in compensating for the sensory loss and cognitive impairment associated with dementia, as well as supporting the continued independence of people in hospital who have dementia.

New guidance on strategic commissioning

A new online guide for artists on how to understand and work with strategic commissioning aims to help them respond effectively to changes to the way that councils and public sector bodies are working.

Improving the experience of care for people using adult NHS mental health services

NICE have published clinical guidance offering evidence-based advice on ensuring a good experience of care for people who use adult NHS mental health services.

Any Qualified Provider Map of Services

An online interactive map has been published outlining the services that will be opened up to Any Qualified Provider (AQP) from April 2012. It will allow patients, commissioners and providers to see the local health services where there will be a choice of provider for patients.

Arts Council England publishes guidance on Internships

Arts Council England and Creative & Cultural Skills have published Internships in the arts - a guide for arts organisations.

Publications from Refugee Action

Planning an Arts Event in the Refugee Sector and Working with the Arts and Refugees

Code of Good Governance for smaller organisations

‘Good Governance – a code for the voluntary and community sector: smaller organisation version’ was launched during Trustees Week, to provides a framework for smaller organisations to govern in a way that is appropriate to their size.


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