Solitude and the encounter, Queen Mary University – 19 June 2020

Queen Mary University of London is running a one-day webinar on 19 June to examine contemporary encounters between the arts and mental health, as part of the Mad Hearts Conference. The webinar features Professor Femi Oyebode, Laura Fischer and John Richardson and will combine clinical, artistic and research perspectives for a contemporary reinterpretation of mental health science and practice.

The webinar is relevant for service users, mental health professionals, artists, and researchers and those interested in how the arts can contribute to mental health.

Making all the difference – Clinks Virtual Annual Conference – 29 June 2020

Clinks has planned its virtual conference in two parts, the first at the end of June and the second at the end of September:

•           Part one will be dedicated to managing your organisation during the Covid-19 crisis, and supporting your staff and service users

•           Part two will be focused on regrouping and recovery.

Arts Play Health Conference – 9-10 September 2020

Despite evidence that shows the arts and play have close connections in how they contribute to and achieve health outcomes for children and adults, there has been a dearth of action to encourage knowledge-exchange between these fields or to understand how the processes across these interventions may be similar. This conference aims to address this gap, encouraging shared learning and asking critical questions that will support us to move forward in arts and play with new-found insight.

Social Prescribing and inequalities: critical conversations and practical approaches – 27 May 2020

This conference at the University of Salford will explore innovative approaches that are being used and could be developed to help reduce health and social inequalities through social prescribing. The event will provide an opportunity for practitioners, commissioners, providers, community organisations and academics to share ideas, experience and practice on a range of issues including loneliness, marginalised groups, women and children, homelessness, dental challenges and mental health.

Attachment & the Arts Conference, The relational human body – 10 July 2020

Research on attachment, trauma and the body has expanded in the past few years, including helpful findings from neuroscience that have helped develop our understanding of human distress. This in turn has had an impact on psychotherapeutic practices such as art therapy.

A Culture of Care: Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance national conference, Derby Museum – 19-20 March 2020

The theme of the event will be care: care for one another (participants, practitioners, commissioners); care for the environment; and caring economies

Explorers Conference: Art, Rights and Representation, Milton Keynes – 20-21 November 2019

A two-day event about neurodiversity, art and the politics of inclusion to mark the culmination of three years of Explorers, the project that places neurodiverse artists and makers at the centre of the conversation

Wellbeing programme, NCRI conference, Glasgow – 3 November 2019

Oncology doctors Nicola Davis, Sean Brown and Anthea Cree will be hosting wellbeing events on Sunday 3 November at the National Cancer Research Institute conference

Give | Volunteering for Wellbeing Conference, Nov 25 Natural History Museum

Give: Volunteering for Wellbeing is a National Lottery Heritage Fund project led by researchers at University College London on behalf of the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance in collaboration with the Horniman Museum & Gardens, Natural History Museum, and Valence House Museum. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project is making heritage more accessible to people experiencing health inequalities.

Arts & Health South West Annual Conference 2019, Plymouth – 31 October-1 November 2019

The AHSW is hosting a two-day conference around the theme Creativity at the Heart of Human Flourishing.


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