Arts 4 Dementia Best Practice Conference 2021 - 20 – 21 May 2021

‘Arts for Brain Health: Social Prescribing as Peri-Diagnostic Practice for Dementia’

An opportunity for GPs, social prescribers, arts and health organisations, educationalists and funders, innovative and creative ageing specialists, local authorities and policy makers to come together and revolutionise the world of social prescribing for brain health.

Cultural and creative activity can be transformational for those at the start of their journey with dementia.

Art Therapy Practice Research Network Symposium – 4 June 2021

This symposium, hosted by the British Association of Art Therapists, will include presentations on the best coproduction approach in different areas of art therapy practice and research. Art therapy and coproduction have much to offer each other. Coproduction strengthens art therapy theory and art therapy gives voice and inclusion to those verbally challenged by developmental, cognitive or traumatic barriers.

Derbyshire Creative Heritage Conference: Activism for Social Change – 27 May 2021

Derbyshire Creative Heritage Conference aims to celebrate and raise awareness of all of the excellent heritage work that is currently being delivered across Derbyshire. The third conference, entitled 'Activism for Social Change', will explore the role of the arts and heritage sectors in making change, as a tool for protest and in helping to make our voices heard.

The programme will include talks by poet, archivist and founder of Nottingham Black Archive Panya Banjoko and Anne Vinegrad from Artichoke Trust.

Creative Lives: Tackling Inequalities – 2-3 June 2021

This virtual conference will investigate how creative health approaches and social prescribing can be used to connect and communicate life through generations. It aims to provide interdisciplinary cohesion and a bridge between the academic world and the general public, and between policy and third sector organisations.  The first day will cover learning, community and cultural health, and the second day will focus on welfare, wellbeing, education, and the life course.

Mad Hearts 2021: Futuring Mental Health through the Arts – 10 to 11 June 2021

This annual conference, being held online, promotes productive intersections between creative arts and mental health through a mixture of conference talks, discussion forums, and creative enquiry activities (reflection through art-making).

Key speakers will include Julie McNamara (playwright and theatre director), Daniel Regan (photographic artist), Thomas Cant (on Open Dialogue), and Amanda Griffiths (on the Power Threat Meaning Framework).

12th Annual Arts and Healthcare Conference – 18 April 2021

The Institute for Arts and Health at Lesley University in the US has partnered with The Journal of Applied Arts and Health and the Journal of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives to host this year’s conference virtually. This year’s event will explore the aspects of the full integration of art and the creative process into education, mental health, community, health and human services around the world.

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The Culture Health and Wellbeing International Conference 2021 – 21-23 June 2021

Drawing on over 200 submissions from 20 countries, there will be 100+ live sessions and 10 country panels from around the world. CHW21 will showcase inspiring arts and health work from across the globe and encourage lively debates informed by different perspectives spanning policy, research, practice, lived experience and co-production.

Call for contributions to the 4th Creative People and Places Conference – deadline 15 March 2021

Building on its previous theme of People Place Power, the Creative People and Places Conference will be a meeting place for everyone interested in shifting approaches in inclusive arts and cultural engagement. The conference will explore, challenge thinking and encourage critical reflection on the themes of power, collaboration, co-creation, ownership, relevance and place.

A Culture of Care: Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance national conference – 21-23 April 2021

The Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance’s national conference will be held online across three days, ending with the CHWA 2021 Awards Gathering.

Music Care Conference 2021 – 16-18 March 2021

Percussionist Evelyn Glennie will be the keynote speaker at this year’s virtual Music Care Conference which will look at how innovations in care are helping to change our approach and increase success in delivering music care within various healthcare environments.

The three-day conference will involve performance, presentations and a live panel discussion.

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