Cabinet of curiosities - 20 January 2014

Actor and performance artist Mat Fraser will present a live evening performance journeying through the history of disability. Using museum objects and their histories through a blend of drama, comedy and cabaret, film and music hall pastiche, the evening aims to prompt us to question and rethink our own, as well as society’s, attitudes towards difference.

From visual to vocal – 12 December 2013

Dulwich Picture Gallery will play host to a free recital of songs inspired by old master paintings with performance partners English Touring Opera and Royal College of Music. The evening’s entertainment has been composed and will be performed by people with dementia and their carers. Booking is essential.


WNO Horizons: I Had an Angel - 18 November 2013

Two care workers have 30 minutes to fill a box with significant objects that will accompany a new resident to their care home. How to know which objects to take? Can you really fit a life into one box? Taking place in real time Welsh National Opera’s thought-provoking and beautiful world première ask these questions.

Delirium performance – 31 October 2013

Audiences will have the chance to catch a performance of Delirium, a series of songs about hallucinations in intensive care, written by Victoria Hume, at The Vortex in Dalston on 31 October. Premiered as part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2013, Delirium features songs interwoven with interviews – with people who have experienced delirium, and with the staff who care for them. It is estimated that up to 70% of people treated in intensive care in the UK experience delirium – the bulk of these will hallucinate.

Mirror Mirror 29 and 30 October 2013

London College of Fashion (LCF) is hosting a two-day event designed to provoke fresh perspectives on age and ageing in relation to culture and fashion. It will comprise traditional academic papers from scholars who have examined ageing and culture as well as interactive performance events, works of art designed by LCF students working in collaboration with older people and the screening of films about later life. A central aim of the event will be to investigate and interrogate cultural articulations of ageing and old age.

Music and the Science of Hearing - 18 October 2013

A project fusing audiology, art and science is touring this autumn. Produced by early music vocal group The Clerks, Tales from Babel explores the ‘cocktail party’ problem through music from the 14th to the 21st centuries. The "Cocktail party problem" is a long-standing issue in audiology based around the challenges faced by human hearing when confronted with competing sounds. Recent studies have appeared to indicate that musical training and exposure to live music can help listeners to better distinguish competing sounds and thus overcome the problem.

Sharing Good Vibrations - 17 – 21 October 2013

Good Vibrations is running a festival of events celebrating ten years of gamelan in the criminal justice system and secure mental health settings and of 25 years of gamelan at Southbank Centre. Sharing Good Vibrations will explore, debate and celebrate the value of the arts in reducing reoffending and in generating wider social benefits. Four days of workshops, presentations, debates and performances will highlight the creative, important and inspiring work done with gamelan - and other art forms - in criminal justice and the community.

Curing and Caring - London's sick poor - 15th & 22nd August 2013

The Old Operating Theatre in London Bridge is hosting a series of events focusing on the treatment of emergency health needs in Victorian London. Traditionally, hospitals were established as charitable institutions primarily to treat poor people who were unable to meet the hefty fees charged by private physicians. However, unlike today, accessing medical aid was not so easy. Only a particular type of person suffering from a particular kind of illness would be allowed entry.

Head.Hand.Head at Maudsley Learning Centre – 6&7 June 2013

A special performance and discussion about living with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety by Laura Dean at the Maudsley Learning Centre. Though particularly aimed at service users and clinicians, the sessions are open to all.

This project has developed through my personal experience of having lived with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety from a young age. I was formally diagnosed during this time and underwent cognitive behavioural therapy at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders, Maudsley Hospital.”

Julius, Elastic Theatre – 12 June 2013

Elastic Theatre presents its first multi-screen film, in collaboration with film production company Savage Mills: a coming of age story of intrusive thoughts and compulsive rituals. The full version of the film will premiere at Spitalfields Music Festival on 12 June 2013.

Underground Picturehouse at the Water Poet featuring a Special Live Event with Elastic Theatre's Team and Artistic Director Jacek Ludwig Scarso.


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