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Arts Council England launches strategic funding and 2011-15 plan

Arts Council England has published details of how it will invest £440 million of strategic funding between 2012 and 2015, including two new programmes for Capital and Touring.

Business models in the visual arts

Arts Council England and the Turning Point Network have just published this report by Susan Royce on sustainable business models in the visual arts.

A fair share - direct funding for individual artists from UK arts councils

A new report published by A-N, by Dany Louise, finds that few individual artists apply for funding in their own right from UK Arts Councils and even fewer are successful.

Supporting growth in the arts economy

Arts Council England has published Supporting growth in the arts economy, a think piece by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy that will inform policy around the arts and the creative economy.

Arts Council England Digital Days presentations now available online

As part of its wider digital strategy, Arts Council England presented the Digital Research and Development Fund for Arts and Culture in a number of cities, over this month. The digital days, which were held in Birmingham, London, Bristol and Manchester, included case studies and more information about the fund.



Free benchmarking against Arts Council England criteria

Primarily aimed at RFO’s, MyCake have announced a new benchmark survey which will allow organisations to compare their annual submission responses anonymously and confidentially against their peers (for example by sector, by region, by size of organisation).  The survey is designed to help organisations identify their strengths and weaknesses to bolster their arguments to funders and strengthen future applications.

MyCake are currently offering a free 12 month subscription to the service, which is a shortened version of their existing Culture Benchmark (paid for) service.

CASE Local Culture and Heritage Profiles

The CASE Local Culture & Heritage Profile Tool provides a range of data that can be used in local cultural and heritage-related policy-making. The data comprises:

  * Local Area Profile - Data connected to the demographic nature and physical geography of the area

  * Economic Performance - Data on local culture and heritage business stock, new business activity, employment and financial performance

  * Attendance & Participation - Statistics on the attendance and participation of adults at cultural activities

Arts Council England announces details of £40 million fund to increase private giving to the arts

Catalyst Arts is part of an £80 million scheme to boost philanthropy to the arts announced last December by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Arts Council England.

The Catalyst Arts fund will be invested in three different ways:

  1. £30 million of Lottery funds will be invested in an integrated match-funding and capacity building scheme to increase arts organisations' ability to fundraise. The scheme’s sponsors hope that the £30 million fund will enable arts organisations to generate around £25 million of new money from private giving by 2015.


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