Cardboard Citizens Theatre of the Oppressed training courses – November & December 2018

These London-based courses are based on participatory "forum theatre" methodologies, and led by Adrian Jackson, Augusto Boal's translator and the founder of Cardboard Citizens.

Since its creation in 1991, the company has been applying Theatre of the Oppressed techniques in homeless hostels, prisons, community centres, schools and theatres – using Boal’s techniques to engage and inspire the most marginalised.


Monday 5 November - Friday 9 November 2018

Join us for this intensive week long course led by our Artistic Director Adrian Jackson. Participants will learn how to devise a Forum Theatre piece and how to conduct a public Forum session. The week will culminate with a performance of the Forum Theatre pieces devised by the group to an invited audience of friends. The course will also explore Legislative Theatre practice – a method in which Forum Theatre is used as a basis for the formulation of policy, rules or legislation.


Saturday 10 November - Sunday 11 November 2018

Our acclaimed intensive two-day course returns for 2018. Led by our Artistic Director Adrian Jackson, the weekend will focus on the skills of the joker (the facilitator in a Forum Theatre play) and the dramaturgy of Forum Theatre plays. Over the course of the two days, this workshop will lead participants through sessions including:

·         Generating participation

·         Stimulating nervous audiences

·         'Difficult’ interventions 

·         Working with particular constituencies

·         How and when to end a Forum show

Participants will have the opportunity to joker a section of a ready-made Cardboard Citizens show or a ‘blank’ Forum Theatre piece generated by the group.

RAINBOW OF DESIRES 1 - An introduction to Boal’s “Theatre and Therapy”

Friday 7 December - Sunday 9 December 2018

The personal is political, and the political is personal. Rainbow of Desires is the over-arching name given by Augusto Boal to a range of exercises, games and techniques on using the power of theatre to identify, analyse and respond to ‘internalised oppression’ and to seek to understand its origins. Those already familiar with Forum Theatre will find it a fascinating further set of theatrical tools; people new to the work will be amazed at the possibilities.

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