Call for partners, University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is looking for someone to work in partnership with on a project which it is seeking to develop on dementia or older people.

The organisation is looking for artists or people who work with art/artists and who are interested in taking part in a project which aims to build experience in community and participatory art with older people with dementia. Candidates will work locally and internationally in partnership with the University of Amsterdam and a Dutch cultural organization to develop an artistic production or achieve a cultural goal.

The project is for one year, will require one day a week of your time and will cover travelling and meeting costs and have a modest grant for initial working costs. No more details on the project are available at present as its specific focus will depend on the responses we will receive.

Potential partners should be:
- UK organisation or artist linked to an organization working in the field of participatory art.
- Have experience or interest in developing experience with art with older people with dementia.
- Able to work collaboratively on joint innovative outcomes with a variety of audiences.
- Willing to travel to meetings (about every two months) to exchange experiences with the Dutch partner.

Response required
• Short CV (1 page maximum)
• As soon as possible
• Send application to e: