Big Squeeze survey results published

London Voluntary Service Council  has launched its third Big Squeeze report, which shows that over half (51%) of voluntary and community (VCS) organisations responding to its survey closed services last year due to the impact of the public spending cuts and the economic climate.

The research also finds that preventative services in London are being disproportionately cut, particularly in advice, health, and children and young people’s services. In addition, the survey suggests that demand for volunteering opportunities is still increasing but VCS organisations' capacity to support volunteers is reduced because of funding cuts.

Other headline findings from the report:

 * 97% said the economic climate had a negative impact on their service users in 2010–11;

 * 86% expected demand for their services to increase in 2011–12;

 * 77% were not confident they could meet increases in demand in 2011–12;

 * 77% expected public sector funding of their organisation to decrease in 2011–12; and

 * 54% of organisations expected more services to close in 2011–12.

The research findings are based on a survey of 120 voluntary and community organisations delivering services in London.