The Big Draw Festival – through October 2019

Uniting people, pencils and pixels across the globe for the 19th colourful year, visual literacy charity The Big Draw launched its annual festival of creativity last weekend. The Big Draw Festival creators have planned thousands of events in over 25 countries worldwide. This year’s festival theme Drawn To Life: Creativity & Wellbeing invites event organisers and visitors to explore the benefits of being actively creative to make positive change and improve wellbeing for both individuals and communities. The festival will bring people together to champion the mounting evidence, both anecdotal and academic, that a more creative life really can improve health.
Launched in October 2000, The Big Draw Festival has encouraged over five million people back to the drawing board. It has notched up two world records – for the longest drawing in the world (one kilometre) and the greatest number of people drawing simultaneously (over 7,000). The first Big Draw Festival in 2000 attracted 180 partner organisations. Since then, the number had risen to over 1,000, with over 500,000 people participating each year. What began as a one day celebration of drawing in October 2000 in the UK, is now an annual month-long festival of drawing across the world.
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