Arts Council Enquiry into Culture in Cities

A new enquiry is investigating the potential future for culture in cities across the UK. The enquiry will investigate different ways that policy makers, funders, and practitioners can create an environment in which culture has the resources to flourish.

It will produce a report this autumn. The enquiry will look at several different possibilities, including:

  • How culture's contribution to government priorities like integrated communities, combating loneliness, or skills and education could unlock new funding streams
  • How tax incentives may be used to encourage cultural investment and philanthropy
  • How cultural organisations could be supported to develop sources of commercial revenue, to become more self-sustaining
  • How cities and cultural organisations can make greater use of innovative financing mechanisms - including social investment, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of repayable finance
  • How we can increase non-traditional sources of giving, including at community level, through crowdfunding or local sponsorship
  • Whether the planning system or incentives for developers could be used more effectively to provide spaces for culture