LAHF supports artists and health professionals across the whole of London and beyond, promoting excellence and engagement in the field of arts and wellbeing, and extending the reach of the arts to communities and individuals who would otherwise be excluded. Many people are excluded from mainstream arts opportunities, yet it is often these people whose health and wellbeing could be most enhanced through such engagement.

Through its activities, LAHF works to promote, develop and support the understanding of what the arts can do to contribute to a healthy society, in London and nationally, and by so doing to encourage the use of the arts in settings beyond the mainstream. 

The organisation’s key ambition for the next five years is to explicitly widen the focus of activities to encompass all sections of society, at risk of exclusion from arts provision, but for whom access to arts activities could enhance wellbeing, social inclusion and strengthen communities.

LAHF’s mission is underpinned by key values and a determination to lead by example in these respects:

  • To ensure that the organisation models good practice in its dealings with the public, colleagues and partners
  • To ensure that the organisation works in an inclusive manner, enabling access, equality of opportunity and encouraging environmental responsibility
  • To ensure that the organisation at all times fulfils its written and unwritten responsibilities as a publicly funded body.

Who we are

London Arts in Health Forum is a well established London-based charity which works to develop the reach of the arts and culture focusing on the interaction of the arts, creativity and wellbeing.  LAHF works to promote, research, improve and develop greater awareness of the benefits of the arts in protecting and preserving wellbeing.

LAHF began as a membership organisation and despite dropping membership fees in 2007 has maintained a strong relationship with its subscribers and supporters. Events are well attended and LAHF has strong links with other organisations working across the country with similar aims. For ten years much of LAHF’s work has been supported by Arts Council England.

LAHF is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by a Board of Trustees and is run by a small staff team.

The team

Damian Hebron is the Director of London Arts in Health Forum (LAHF) – a leading UK organisation working to develop the link between the arts, creativity and wellbeing. LAHF runs events, supports artists and delivers an annual festival of arts and health, Creativity and Wellbeing Week. The organisation has been instrumental in developing the National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing and in establishing a new Parliamentary Group looking at the role of the arts in promoting and supporting health and wellbeing.

In addition to his role with LAHF, Damian is Head of Arts at Cambridge University Hospitals running one of the country’s leading hospital arts programmes.

He has worked in the arts for over 20 years, originally focusing on community theatre and participatory arts. He is currently an Artistic Assessor for Arts Council England and a member of the Arts Alliance steering group, the national body promoting the arts in the criminal justice system. He writes for a number of publications on issues relating to public art, wellbeing and community engagement, and speaks regularly on the theme of creativity and wellbeing at conferences and events in the UK and internationally.

Neil Parker is LAHF's Administrator appointed in 2012.  He looks after the websites including the London Creativity and Wellbeing, and National Alliance sites.  Maintainging the organisations accounts systems and records.




From time to time, LAHF works with other arts professionals, researchers, artists and clinicians to deliver specific projects and activity bringing together arts, health and wellbeing.

London Arts in Health Forum is a registered charity (No.1135543) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 06939695) whose registered office is at: 75 Maygrove Road, London, NW6 2EG