£9.4m of grants awarded by London Councils

Organisations which support homeless people, the unemployed, victims of violence and the voluntary sector across the capital are being given funding by the London Councils’ grants programme. The money is being used to commission specific services rather than to fund organisations. These services are London-wide initiatives which would be difficult for individual boroughs or small groups of councils to provide on their own.

A total of 34 applications will be funded for the next two years. These include projects run by Shelter, Age Concern London, Women in Prison and the Refugee Council. Other schemes given a grant are managed by the London Voluntary Service Council; Solace Women’s Aid and St Mungo Community Housing Association.

The total £9.4m grants budget for 2013/14 will be shared between eight initiatives to tackle homelessness (£2.8m); 10 bids to tackle sexual and domestic violence (£3.3m); 10 schemes to tackle poverty through employment training (£1.9m) and six projects to support voluntary organisations (£1.3m). The 2014/15 grants budget will be decided in November 2013.

All 32 London boroughs and the City of London contribute to the grants programme which is run on their behalf by London Councils.

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