£1m arts and older people scheme for NI

A new £1m scheme to fund arts activity to tackle the social exclusion of older people has been launched in Northern Ireland.  A mix of cross-government funding and support from the Baring Foundation has established the new Arts and Older People’s programme that will run for the next three years. The new Arts & Older People Programme (2013-2016) aims to support over 70-80 community-based projects across Northern Ireland with grants ranging from £10,000 - £30,000.  There will also be a focus on providing training for artists and health staff to increase their skills in essential areas such as working with people with dementia.  The programme will link up with similar initiatives internationally with the aim of sharing best practise programmes. It will also offer a targeted project aimed at engaging with older people who may be more vulnerable due to illness, disability or changing circumstances. Arts Care NI will deliver a rolling programme of Arts and Health activities in settings such as community centres, day centres, sheltered housing and residential care. These activities will culminate in an annual Festival of Ageing in each of the five health and social care trust areas.

w: http://www.artscouncil-ni.org/news/arts-older-people-launch-oct-2013